Sometimes, we must learn

The hard way is what everyone believes it to be

Nowhere is exactly the place for me

For every player, there is a turn

Sometimes, we try

The long way is the gayest trek

I am the lowly servant, a tiny speck

The only word to muster is bye

Sometimes, the music plays

The heart beats to its own drum

Dwelling in the past drives me numb

Just for a while, could you please stay

Sometimes, we hurt

The people closest to us are fighters

I could have given my life, but ate hers

Bad deeds will wither back into the dirt

Sometimes, we live

To fast are the days repeating

I’ve gone too far now, retreating

There is one thing left to give

Sometimes, we love

How much power we feel in each other’s arms

Nothing but malicious charms

My only friend, watches from above