Instant Pot Pumpkin Pie

Instant pot desserts are always fantastically easy and have a short cook time. 

Instant Pot Pumpkin Pie is creamy and smooth, with the perfect balance of fall spices and a buttery gingersnap crust. After all, this is one of the easiest ways to make homemade pumpkin pie. A fool-proof recipe that will win you over with its fantastic flavor and texture.

This easy recipe is a great way to make a rich and creamy pumpkin pie quickly. If you are looking for other pumpkin desserts to try in your instant pot, make this decadent Instant Pot Pumpkin Cheesecake. Or if you want the pumpkin flavor but not the sweetness, you can’t go wrong with Instant Pot Pumpkin Soup.

Instant pot pumpkin pie

Instant pot desserts are always fantastically easy and have a short cook time. All you need is some real pumpkin puree, butter, sugar, salt, pumpkin pie spice, an egg, and a bit of cornstarch for the pumpkin pie filling. For the crust, use crushed gingersnap cookies, butter, and toasted pecans chopped in the food processor. No need for a water bath.

You will also need a springform pan and a trivet to put in the bottom of the instant pot pressure cooker as well as a sling to get your pan in and out of the pot. This is a really easy recipe and does not include any hard work at all.

Just the art of great cooking and a little of your time and you will be impressing your family members with the best instant pot pumpkin pie they will ever taste.

Pressure cooker pumpkin pie is one of my favorite instant pot recipes, especially as the leaves start to turn and the weather starts getting chilly. In fact, it is actually one of my favorite pumpkin recipes of all. If your pressure cooker is not available, try these Ultimate Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars you can bake in the oven.

Ingredients needed:

Your home is probably already stocked for holiday season baking so you may already have most (if not all) of these simple ingredients for this dessert. The detailed instructions can be found below but here are the basics you will need: For the pie crust:

Crushed gingersnap cookies: In addition, can use graham crackers or even a graham cracker crust from the store.

Pecans: Toasted and chopped in your food processor.

Melted butter: Salted or unsalted are both fine.

Homemade pumpkin puree: Not pumpkin pie filling, pumpkin pie mix, or pumpkin filling in a can.

Evaporated milk: Not sweetened condensed milk.

Brown sugar: Light or dark brown sugar will both work.

Cornstarch: Important for thickening.

Egg: Room temperature and beaten.

Salt: Just a touch.

Whipped cream: Try making your own with this whipped cream recipe All you need is some heavy whipping cream or cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla.

Caramel sauce: You can also make your own caramel sauce.

How do you make instant pot pumpkin pie recipe?

Spray: First, spray your spring form pan with cooking spray.

Combine: Then, combine cookie crumbs, pecans, and butter in a small bowl.

Press: Next, put the mixture into the bottom of the pan and press it evenly on bottom and about an inch up along the sides of the pan.

Chill: Immediately, put the baking pan in the freezer to chill for 10 minutes.

Mix the filling: Meanwhile, using a large bowl, mix the pumpkin spice, cornstarch, salt, and sugar. Add the milk, pumpkin, and egg and whisk thoroughly.

Pour: After, pour the filling into the chilled pie crust and cover it with aluminum foil.

Water: Then, add about 1 ½ cups of water to the bottom of the pot and put your trivet inside.

Place: Finally, use your baking sling to lower the cake pan carefully on the trivet and fold the sling down.

Lock and cook: Lastly, lock the lid and choose 35 minutes of cook time on high pressure.

Release: Afterward, when the cooking time ends, turn off the pot and use the natural release for 10 minutes. Then use a quick release to allow the remaining pressure to come out.

Check: When the steam valve drops, remove the lid carefully and check the pie to see if the middle is set. If it is not, cook for another five minutes.

Remove: Use oven mitts to remove the pan and let it cool on a wire rack. Don’t forget to remove the foil.

Cool: After it cools, refrigerate it for at least four hours to completely set. Be sure to cover it with plastic wrap.

Serve: Use heavy whipping cream to decorate the pie and top with chopped pecans.

Drizzle: Also, drizzle a bit of caramel on top of each slice as you serve it.

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