On Christianity and the future of the Right Wing

The Problem

Whether or not Christianity is “based” and “redpilled”, the fact that it has been able to mutate into Liberal sects and have its words twisted by Liberal celebrities means that it certainly has flaws.

Sans Judea,* Christianity is like an old program with security vunlerabilities; It may have worked just fine in ye olden days where security wasn’t a concern, but it’s inadequate for a modern environment with hackers mucking about. The Bible was finished centuries before Modernity, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and the Sexual Revolution. Ideas like “don’t let yourself be ethincally replaced” and “don’t make your children cut their dicks off and take hormone pills” would have been common sense in 0-1700AD. Anyone who tried to push these messages would have been “taken care of” by pissed-off villagers, not protected by an international police state with microphones and tracking beacons in everyone’s pocket.

And these are just problems with misquoting and the limits of foresight. Language and meaning of words also change over time. For example, Homosexuality was considered a “Crime against nature”. A modern person sees animals sodomizing each other and says “What are those crazy people talking about? Homosexuality is totally natural!” What they don’t know is that “Nature” meant something like “the process of continuing life”, not “whatever the plants and animals do”. (See https://videos.lukesmith.xyz/videos/watch/d9b77579-4e09-46a1-9e91-2e1e75f101f5)

The Solution?

We’re so late in the game that there’s no easy way of “patching the official source code”. Any addendum would be considered heresy by the Major Churches (or ignored by most sects), and any breakaway sect wouldn’t have the numbers to make an impact in the modern zeitgeist. Any new religious movement would be fighting an uphill battle, because the people who already want God have him, and Joe Six-Pack is too busy filling a God-Shaped hole with material comfort to care or notice. Mormons are perhaps the best example of a modern religious group, but they were established in the 1830’s, long before Radio, Television, Social Media, and the abolition of slavery.

One could say that the dissident right subculture is a religous movement: it has distinct beliefs, culture, and moral convictions. But it is disorganized, spread thin, ill-funded, and (rightfully) paranoid. Getting a central party put together would take serious legwork.

The closest things we have to central authorities are Donald Trump and Nick Fuentes’ America First coalition. Trump does have a lot of money and a cult of personality, but nobody knows who’s side he’s really on. Nick is more independent of the system and has a lot of young people on his side, but he (and Trump) are entertainers, not philosophers.

Trump and Qanon did have a fanatic, religious aspect to them, but they are currently stuck in Limbo because of their reliance on the System. Trump needs the media to stay relevant, and the media is ignoring him. He’s also relying on the courts to give him his institutional power back, instead of building up his soft power in the meantime. Some say this is because he’s acting as a pressure release valve, and the “Stolen Election” is a Right-wing version of “Russian Collusion”. Whatever his motivation, his reliance on State Authority and failure to stay in the public mind is a critical weakness.

Well, now what?

Because of the above, I think that whatever comes to fill in the Right-Wing power vacuum left by Christianity won’t be anything like mass movements of the current year.

If the West collapses into technologically-primitive anarchy, I predict new, organic religious movements will naturally pop up and adapt themselves to the times. Silly, dysgenic ideas like “trans rights” die quickly outside of modernity.

If the System doesn’t collapse, I see the current paradigm evolving: a decentralized network of thousands of small-time celebrities, all bouncing ideas off of each other, silently influencing people without ever holding a rally. This could be the future, as the decentralized nature, while disorganized and hard to guide, is also very hard to infiltrate and command from the top-down. Or this could doom us to being another silly, irrelevant subculture among thousands: a mass of retards and micro-cults separated from any competent leadership.

Only time will tell.

*Note: Sans Judea is short for “Assuming no conspiracies or Jewish tricks”