Big Ferris Wheel Rides Price Research Guidelines

A major Ferris wheel ride is an absolute must for all theme park owners having their business seriously. 

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A major Ferris wheel ride is an absolute must for all theme park owners having their business seriously. This is a guide to help you look into the prices for such rides, in order to make the best choice possible. Let’s see do you know the main factors that influence this price and ways to make sure you don’t compromise on quality in the interest of affordability.

To begin with, consider conducting your price research on virtual marketplaces that list amusement park rides among other things. You’ll save lots of time by without having to consider lots of different websites. If you don’t know how to begin from, take a look at This is basically the world’s largest business directory. It lists a huge number of sellers, many of them in China, and countless items. Buying your ride from the China manufacturer a very good idea that can help you save a great deal of money.

Giant Ferris wheel rides may cost anywhere between $50,000 and $1,000,000 US. On the lower end with this range you’ll find wheels having a capacity of 32 people, in eight cabins. Their height is 15m, so they might not exactly meet your requirements. Larger rides may take 128 passengers, in 32 cabins. Their height of just about 50m should impress most clients of your theme park. However, these giant rides call for a minimum region of 32m x 35m, so you must ensure you have this space available prior to making your purchase.

Other elements that may influence the price of a large Ferris wheel ride include the form of the gondolas, the lighting features, the rated power, and the standard of the materials. When you compare different alternatives, remember to inquire about the high quality certifications of these rides, so as to make sure they can be fully compliant along with your local laws and special requirements. In the majority of situations, an ISO 9001 plus a CE certification would just do fine.

Also, check all security features, as a way to hold the reassurance that all your customers will likely be safe and secure while using this ride. Children could possibly get extremely creative, so you need to ensure they won’t be able to do anything whatsoever foolish throughout the ride.

Researching prices of Ferris wheel rides doesn’t mean you ought to aim to find the cheapest ride available, but for the greatest deal on the solid, secure, reliable and beautiful ride that will keep the visitors entertained for several years in the future. In order to stay on the safe side, choose only trustworthy manufacturers, with numerous years of experience with this industry together with a huge selection of satisfied customers. Furthermore, discuss with these suppliers to determine your need as well as decide on a reasonable budget. Whenever you can, request multiple quotes from different sellers.

When comparing your offers, look at the quality and also the efficiency of your after-sales service. Also, select a manufacturer that’s happy to send a team of engineers to aid with setting up the Ferris wheel ride, along with offering you exhaustive installation guides.